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What is the

Anti-Racist Packet?

The Anti- Racist Packet is an 89-page compilation of Anti-Racism resources shared via social media during the protests for Black Lives during the  Summer of 2020. With the contributions 15 co-conspirators, the packet is now a bountiful resource that's informed anti-racist efforts within theatres, universities, public school classrooms, and workplaces.

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Angad, Contributor

"Dear South Asian Allies"

As a Non-Black POC, I felt there was more I should be doing aside from posting a black square in "solidarity" (sharing resources, donating, calling, sending emails, signing petitions, and educating myself/those in my immediate vicinity - all actions to be PRIORITIZED). Thus, I...wish to bring particular attention, once again, to this significant resource put together by the multi-talented @smooth_jas. She did the work (when it was, by no means, her responsibility), now we (NB POC/white people) need to do OURS.


I had a post last night that asked people “What did you work on today?” People were listing things from this girl Jasmine Mitchell, who has an anti-racism packet and one focus of it is how to talk to your black friends about what’s going on. People were telling me things that they read and I was like, “Oh, I didn’t even finish reading that.” Like, they actually clicked the link, went in on the first day. That was surprising. I’d like to see more of that.



Follow up thank you again for your anti racist packet!! It has led me to so many conversations and initiatives on my team at work. I got a small bonus for leading these initiatives and I want to pay it forward to your work that brought it about - so thank you!

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Malarkey Film Fest

This week, set aside time to read this extremely accessible and succinct *intro* to anti-racism...Starting with a breakdown of the history of slavery, the civil rights movement, police brutality, and complete with overviews about performative allyship, protesting safety, lists of Black artists & media, and more! Get started here, folks- Jasmine Mitchell made it easy for us, so please also pay them for their work. Venmo: @ SmoothJasmine Cashapp: $SmoothJas. 

Meet The

Anti-racist packet team


The Anti-Racist Packet is ready for review!

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Malarkey Film Festival

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