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Micro-play (150 words)

Coronavirus has been rampant for many years now. Elle and Shanda are best friends meeting up for the first time in what feels like ages despite extreme social distancing laws.


Phys. Ed.

80 minute play

Magical Realism; sexual assault

Adam keeps to himself.

Phys. ed.

please contact Jasmine for full scripts.

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80 Minutes, Musical

A story laced with secrets, faerie queens, black joy, and that island flare, the tale of our young Black Rapunzel finally letting her hair down and discovering her inner magic is one you don’t want to miss.

Image by Green Chameleon
Standardized, or the Lasagna Play

10 minute play

Abstract; sexual assault

Amaranth is taking the test of her life, and is struggling to find the right answers without her father there to guide her.


or the lasagna play

The Writer


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Loose ends

Micro-play (150 words)


Marcus and Jack discuss over quarantinis a script involving a major pandemic in order to quickly wrap up a Television series.

Loose ends

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