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"Will you be a part of the solution?"

This is the question our main character, Waiola asks by the end of the play, and that Rachel and I were asking ourselves as we began this project in December 2020. As Christian artists, Rachel and I are determined to create art that reaches the marginalized groups in this world and discuss socio-political issues that are traditionally avoided in the church. 


Out of this desire to minister, Seawall the Musical was born. Seawall is a limited series musical (2 episodes total) that centers an i-Kiribati family fighting to protect their home against the rising of sea levels.

kiribati flooding.jpeg

The musical begins and ends with a young climate activist Waiola speaking at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. 2 songs will be included in each musical episode.

Climate change is not some faraway issue-- it poses a threat to humanity right now. Through this piece, we hope to inspire audiences to take action. Furthermore, we hope to provide positive representation of Asian American and Pacific Islander artists, who have traditionally are underrepresented or misrepresented within Broadway Musicals.

If we don't act now, Kiribati could easily be the first island wiped off the map within the next 20 years-- that is within our lifetime.  Let's take action to help Kiribati stay above water.

Storm Surge in Kiribati leading to flooding

Be a part of the solution.

Make a contribution to help us reach our goal!

Gifts & Rewards

Incentives for donating to Seawall listed below!

$1 | Thank You!

You'll get a public thank you from director @smooth_jasmine 's and composer/lyricist @rachelnblair 's twitter accounts!

$10 | Seawall Button

You'll receive a pin button with the Seawall poster on it, plus the lower tier incentive!

$15 | Seawall Key Chain

Get your own Seawall Key Chain with the Seawall flyer printed onto it, plus all of the lower tier incentives!

$20 | Digital Download of Song

A digital download of your one (1) favorite song from the project! (No other physical gifts will coupled with this.)

$25 | Digital Download of Song & Gifts

A digital download of your favorite song, plus all of the lower tier incentives!

$50 | Sung Shout-Out by Rachel Blair!

This reward is a personalized shoutout sung by the composer and co-creator of the musical, just for you!

$100 | Digital Download of Both Episodes!

Get a digital download of both episodes! This perk includes the Digital Download only, but not other gifts.

$150 | Digital Downloads - Both Episodes & Gifts!

You get both episodes of our limited series! This perk includes the download along with all gifts listed above.

$300 | Photography Session with Jasmine

With this gift, you will get a photography session with Jasmine, a sung shout-out by Rachel, a digital download of both episodes, and a Seawall pin!

$1,000 | Painted Portrait by Jasmine & Gifts
For this tier, you'll receive a painted portrait of you or a person of choice, plus the above gifts listed above.

$2,000 | Associate Producer Credit!

Receive Associate Producer Credit for both episodes, plus all of the incentives above!

$5,000 | Co-Executive Producer

Receive Co-Executive Producer (Co-EP) credit on both episodes, plus all of the lower tier incentives!


JASMINE MITCHELL (Executive Producer, Director, Writer)

This will be my 3rd short film project, and 3rd musical I've worked on. I am super excited about this project specifically because it's putting my 3 favorite things together-- faith, musicals, and filmmaking! 

Previously, I've directed for the stage: Breath, Boom, Hell is a Bubble Tea Shop, RAPunzel Harlem Duet, Warriors of God, and Soundtrack. I received Honorable Mention at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. I've directed two short films: American Idol: A Visual Poem by Sadia Alao and Same Power.


RACHEL BLAIR (Associate Producer, Composer, Lyricist)

Rachel is a freelance singer, writer, and composer who will soon be heading off to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in the fall. As a recent alumna of the University of Maryland, Rachel plans to carry on the institution's tradition of prioritizing equity and justice through her artistic discipline. Rachel regularly posts performances and commentary online and is thrilled to have "Seawall the Musical" be the first production she is a co-creator of! Rachel holds a BA in Sociology.

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